Tour of the warehouse at Stampin’ Up!

On December 18th and 20th I posted a few pictures and video of my visit to Stampin’ Up!. Today I want to show you the warehouse part of my tour. This is a tour anyone can schedule and take. I have been on tours before but, they were always part of convention. This was the first time I had been to Salt Lake City on my own and been able to take the tour.

This is a video of how the shipping boxes get sorted into zones and put on the right trucks to be shipped. There are 4 bays, each with a truck that goes to a different part of the United States.

This video shows how the boxes are packed. They each get a barcode when they start. The barcode tells each zone what goes inside. The box is transferred to the zone with the product it needs. It is diverted in the correct direction. There is a person in charge of each zone. As the box comes up to that person they are shown what goes in the box by a panel of lights in front of the products. A green light says that that item needs to go in the box. It even tells the worker the quantity that goes in. On the way out of the area the box is weighed to make sure that the weight of what should be in the box matches the actual weight. There is an area for the boxes that are missing something. A person verifies the contents of the box and puts a flag or marker in the box. The box is then automatically sent to the area of the product and the person in that area will load the box with the missing item. It’s a pretty slick system. There are rarely any mistakes in our shipments. I can’t think of the last time there was a mistake in one of my boxes.

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