Fridays until Christmas

52 Fridays until Christmas

Stick with me here. I am planning on posting a Christmas post every Friday. We will count-down to Christmas all year long. Right about now I am content with Christmas past and am more worried about the resolutions that I am about to imposed on myself. But, if I am going to have true Creative Momentum towards next Christmas I should start soon. I am already on pinterest pinning Crochet Christmas ideas, cookie recipes and all kinds of ideas that are fresh in my mind from this year. I may as well document what I didn’t get done this year so I can remember what I want to make next year. I won’t come up short if I start now. I am in no way planning a Martha Stewart Christmas. I pretty much cut myself a bunch of slack when it comes to the perfect holiday. I am content with celebrating holiday on any day of the year. My kids grew up with Pretend Christmas, Pretend Thanksgiving and Pretend Easter. Short of my kids needing therapy for the mixed up way they grew up I am happy with the theory. I believe that any day can and should be a holiday. If celebrating Thanksgiving on a Saturday means that I get more friends and family around my table I am truly thrilled. Creativity is a way of life for me. I can create with crafts, stamping, cooking and even the way I celebrate holidays. I hope 2018 gives you the Creative Momentum you need to make you and everyone you are with happy and content. Do you have any creative resolutions? Let me think about it and I will come up with a few for you next week. Meanwhile here is a VERY casual glimpse of what Christmas looked like with a few of my boys.

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