Happy New Year

Yesterday was New Year’s Day. I hope you had a great first-day-of-the-year. As promised here is my list of creative resolutions. Or should I say “Resolutions to keep me creative throughout the year”? If I were to list “creative resolutions” I would probably not get anything accomplished. They would probably start out with- “Lose weight while eating chocolate anything”, “Walk a little every day as long as I still have time to craft”. I wouldn’t get anywhere with a creative resolution.

1. Create something every day. Even if it’s a list, photo or something simple.

2. Learn a new crochet stitch every month.

3. Learn to make Amigurumi crochet projects.

4. Learn a new card fold or paper fold every week.

5. Stamp something new on most days.

6. Learn or create a new stamp idea to share with you on every blog post.

7. Stamp with you on most Wednesdays at 2:00 so we can get together and keep our Creative Momentum going all year long.

What are your New Year’s resolutions to keep your Creative Momentum going? Leave me a comment and I will send you a gift to start your New Year’s off right. Happy New Year!

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