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Facebook Live 1/24/18

Here is my Facebook live video from last week. In the video I mentioned that my biggest dog Bailey was sick. Long-story-short my Bailey went to Heaven latter that night. We are all super sad but glad she didn’t suffer. I just wanted to tell you why there was a delay in me posting this video. I appreciate everyone who has sent well-wishes.

Here is the video and details for the projects I made last week. I hope you enjoy them and are able to make some Valentine’s of your own. (BTW, go hug your dog for me!)

Welcome to FB live and Creative Momentum. I will be stamping valentines containers for chocolate. Thanks for joining me. I will post details tomorrow at

Posted by Susan Legits on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In this part of the project I goofed up pretty big. I glued the paper on upside down and I stamped the saying upside down. I didn’t notice until I had it all glued together. I tried to make the best of it!

I pulled on the tinsel so that the ends frayed. This make a super cool sparkly effect.

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